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Email Categories and subscription center are here!
August 2, 2021
New Feature


Last Friday we launched one of the most requested Encharge features — email categories and subscription center.

Instead of unsubscribing your contacts from all of your emails, Encharge allows you to create email subscription categories. Your contacts can unsubscribe from one or more of the categories and choose what emails to receive from you, that way reducing your unsubscription rate and increasing the relevancy of your email messages.

You can create categories based on topics, for example, "Promotional emails", "Product updates". Or you can group your emails based on the email frequency "Weekly emails", "Monthly emails", etc.

To manage your Email categories go to Settings → Categories or click on this link -

Encharge has two default categories:

  • Marketing Emails – the default category for all marketing-related emails. All marketing emails require a subscription link and mailing address.

  • Transactional Emails – This is a default special category for system-based emails like password reset, order confirmation, etc. Emails in this category do not need an unsubscribe link and mailing address. Your contacts can not unsubscribe from this category. Note that this category is only available to subscribers to the Premium plan.

Communication Preferences page

Or subscription center. This is the public page where your contacts can manage their subscriptions to categories. Every contact has a unique dynamically generated Communication Preferences page.

This page includes a list of all of your categories (except Transactional emails). A contact can decide what email categories to unsubscribe (or subscribe) to by selecting the category.

Are you ready to decrease your unsubscribe rate and increase your opens?

Manage your email categories or read more in the help docs.

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