We launched Native Forms (beta)!
January 31, 2023
New Feature

We just rolled out a long-waited feature - native forms. You can finally turn website traffic into valuable leads with Encharge forms and avoid using a 3rd-party form tool. With native forms you can provide relevant lead magnets. Automate the whole customer journey across email and other channels for the people that submit forms.


Things you can do with forms:

  • Embed the form on your website or use our public link

  • Add a tag when a person submits a form

  • Style your form with custom CSS

  • Notify team members with an internal email

  • Notify the contact with a confirmation email

  • View form submissions

You can view the the official feature page or read the help documentation.

Note that the feature is still in early Beta, and some other features are still missing, also, please test your forms before launching them publicly. We are currently working on a Native Form Submitted trigger to allow you to use the forms easily in flows, but in the meantime, you can use Tags

If you are experiencing any bugs or have any questions on how to use forms, please email us at support@encharge.io

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Built-in Form Creator
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See people details in flow steps
January 26, 2023

We just rolled out another important quality-of-life improvement for the flows. You can now see the people that have entered steps inside of your flows.

To do that, click on any flow step, then in the top right tabs select the person icon.

This People section shows a table of all people who:

  • Were previously on this step

  • Are currently on this step - primarily used for the Wait step to display people who are currently waiting

  • Failed on the step - it's possible that a step fails for some people

The people are displayed chronologically, with the latest people who entered the step at the top. You can view their name, email, and the time they entered the step. Clicking on a profile will take you to the person's profile.

Screenshot 2023-01-26 at 9.49.14 AM.png

Stay tuned for more updates coming up from us soon!

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See people details in flow steps
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Custom Timeframe Selection Is Here!
January 12, 2023

It's just a few days in after the new year started but improvements in Encharge keep coming. Before we end this week, let us give you another useful update that will surely boost the Metrics feature.

⚡Custom Timeframe Selection

We now have the custom timeframe selection on the Metrics page which makes it possible for you to select a custom date range for generating your metrics.

This added option gives you more flexibility by allowing you to specify a custom start date and end date. as shown below.

In addition to this, you can even select how your metrics will be grouped. You can group them by Day, Week, or Month.

Comparing your metrics of two specific timelines will now be super easy for all of you. Try it out and let us know what you think.

Tune in for more updates. 😊 

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Change Numeric Field Action Step Has Been Launched!
January 11, 2023
New Feature

Hello, Enchargians. We hope that you had a FUNtastic 2022 and that 2023 will be more amazing for all of you. Things are getting better in Encharge with the new features and improvements lined up to be released this year. Let's kick it off with a new action step - Change Numeric Field.

Change Numeric Field

It's like Change Field, but this action step is intended to change the value of a number field using formulas. This can decrease and increase a specific number field you created in your account to track multiple scores.

While we have the Lead Score action step available, it only supports one lead score field. So, with the new Change Numeric Field, you will be able to update multiple custom lead scores (i.e. marketing lead score and sales lead score).

You can set it up in three easy steps:

  1. Select the number field from a dropdown of number fields.

  2. Select the operation you want to execute.

  3. Select the value.

See the image below for reference.

Screenshot 2023-01-11 at 11.04.29 PM.png

Check this article to know more about this new action step and learn about its common usage: Action - Change Numeric Field.

Test it out and let us know what you think. Tune in for more useful updates from your Encharge fam. 😉

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November Update - HubSpot Two-Way Sync
November 28, 2022
New Feature

Hello, Enchargians. November is almost over and we’re back with one of the much-anticipated feature requests: The HubSpot Two-Wa Sync.

HubSpot is one of the popular apps you can integrate with Encharge, and with the HubSpot triggers and action steps, you can automatically add your new HubSpot contacts to Encharge or perform a HubSpot-related action.

It’s been an exciting month and we would like to make it more exciting for all of you by announcing the release of the HubSpot Two-Way Sync which will certainly take your Encharge - HubSpot integration to a whole new level. 

This bi-directional integration with HubSpot lets data flow between the two software in both directions. This allows you to create personalized emails in Encharge using the Contact and Company Properties from HubSpot and store Enchare data in your CRM.

Note: The new HubSpot integration is only available on the Premium Plan.

Here’s a quick overview of what we have prepared for all of you:

✨  Two-Way Sync

-   By enabling this feature within the HubSpot integration, you can now sync contact and company data, lead score, customer lifecycle stage, email activity, and other pieces of data between HubSpot and Encharge. If any data is updated in Encharge, you can be sure that it will show on your HubSpot account making it possible to have a perfect single source of information on your marketing and sales data.

Note: We won't sync any Encharge data to HubSpot during the initial sync. Only after the initial sync do we start to sync data from Encharge to HubSpot.

✨  Two-Way Sync Health

-   For your convenience, we’ve added a separate page that allows you to check the progress of the initial sync, the status of syncing of the contacts and companies, and the date and time of the last changes that were synced.


✨  Companies page

-   We’ve also added a page that lists the companies that have been synced from HubSpot to your Encharge account.

Note: Companies can only be created from HubSpot in Encharge. In other words, if the company doesn't exist in HubSpot initially, Encharge can not create it in HubSpot.

✨ Additional HubSpot Triggers, Actions, and Filter

-   A meaningful new integration comes with additional flow steps that will aid to automate the user journey and your marketing stack. Create powerful automation using the HubSpot Flow Steps.

Take a look at our HubSpot Integration page and learn why it’s smart to use the new Encharge - HubSpot integration by going to this link: Encharge + HubSpot. The Most Complete Two-way Sync Integration.

Do you want to learn more about the integration? Check our newly added help articles for HubSpot here: HubSpot Integration.

We hope this early-Christmas present makes this month a “Nice November”. We’ll be back with more useful updates and improvements so stay tuned.  😉

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October Updates
October 5, 2022
New Feature
Bug Fix

Hello, Enchargians. We hope you're all doing well. Our team has been working on new features and improvements to give all of you a flawless experience. We can't wait to announce additional changes to Encharge and in the meantime, let us give you an update on what we have implemented in the past couple of months.

New Feature:

⚡️ Flow changes history

Have a better understanding of how your flows were built and get logs of all of the changes made to them through the Flow Changes feature. With a few clicks, you can access the history of the changes made to your flows and cut the time spent analyzing your flow.

This can be accessed on all flows by clicking the menu button at the bottom right and selecting Flow changes from the options.

It will show the date and time of the logs, the values set for a step when you click Details, and even show all changes for one step to save time in looking through the logs using the funnel button.

Go to this help article for more details about this feature: Flow Changes.


Broadcast emails are now separate from flow emails

Emails sent via broadcast and the emails on the Emails page are now independent of each other. The previous setting caused issues, especially for skipped contact when duplicating broadcasts. Thus, we added this improvement to make sure that this will be eliminated.

Show metrics in the Broadcasts table

After separating emails in Broadcasts from Emails, we've also added a way for you to get a quick view of the metrics of your broadcasts without clicking on each of them. You can now get the metrics by simply going to the Broadcasts page.

Check this out for more info: Metrics of Broadcasts.

Public API for Tags Management https://app-encharge-resources.s3.amazonaws.com/redoc.html#tag/Tags-Management

Resources for Tags Management are now available on our API documentation.

Bug Fixes:

In addition to the new feature and improvements we added, we also implemented the bug fixes below for stability.

🔧 Fix for: Email Click trigger not working properly

🔧 Fix for: Default person fields are not available via API

🔧 Disable autocomplete for CC/BCC fields in Email Editor, as it can lead to incorrect CC/BCC behavior

🔧 Fix for: Custom Fields data not being saved properly in some cases

🔧 Fix for: Empty rows not appearing in some emails

🔧 Fix for: Lead score improperly calculated

🔧 Fix for: Site tracking - Custom cookie prompt not working in some cases

🔧 Fix for: “Archive All” failing on very large segments

That's it for today's Changelog update. There's definitely more to come so stay tuned. 😊 

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June Updates
June 8, 2022
Bug Fix

Hello Enchargians, the month of May has passed, and we’re excited to announce some improvements and bug fixes that we executed to bring a better user experience to you. Let’s start with improvements to some features that we already have in Encharge.


Improve performance on Broadcasts, Fields, Flows, and Tags tables with lots of items

Broadcasts, Fields, Flows, and tags that have many items used to be a bit sluggish, but not anymore. As we improved Encharge’s performance in this area, loading these tables on the web app will now be faster.

Search for Broadcasts, Fields, Flows, Tags

Are you having trouble scrolling up and down to find a broadcast, a custom field, a flow, or a tag? Worry no more because we've added the search function on Broadcasts, Custom Fields, Flows, and Tags. Using keywords to search, you can now save time and have better access to these features. Take a look at these examples and see how it works:


Screen Recording 2022-06-09 at 12.15.24 AM.gif

Custom Fields

Screen Recording 2022-06-09 at 12.17.15 AM.gif


Screen Recording 2022-06-09 at 12.18.22 AM.gif


Screen Recording 2022-06-09 at 12.19.39 AM.gif

Activity Stream supports Segment.com as an endpoint

Launch API to manage Email Templates

The API endpoints will create, delete, or update email templates via the API.

Note: The term "Email template" is only used in the API and it refers to an email in the Encharge's interface.

Add “soft bounce” email event to segmentation options

Soft bounce indicates that the recipient's email address is valid and that your email was received by the mail server of the recipient. People with soft bounces are not unsubscribed from your emails but we've added an improvement to the segmentation feature you will now be able to create a segment of people by soft bounce email event.

Screen Recording 2022-06-09 at 02.43.44 AM.gif

Bug fixes

🔧 Fix: Favorites in AI Writer are not scrolling

Previously, the AI Writer Favorites section had an issue where the saved templates aren't scrolling down and only showing the ones that are at the top. We have fixed this and all saved templates can be viewed and selected from the AI Writer Favorites section.

🔧 Fix: Receiving some webhooks with Unicode characters fails

🔧 Transactional API: Fix for emails from the “Transactional” category that are not able to be received multiple times

We love to make great improvements and your thoughts and feedback are very much appreciated.

There's more to come so stay tuned. 😊

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Weekly Updates - 01-15 April
April 18, 2022
Bug Fix

Hello Enchargians! Things keep getting better with Encharge and we’re excited to let you know about the things that we've worked on in the first half of April. Here’s a quick recap of the changes and fixes that we implemented:


✨Add Today and Yesterday filters to email metrics

Today and Yesterday filters are now available for the email metrics. Adding this to Encharge will give you daily real-time metrics for your emails and provide you with an insight into how effective your emails are with your marketing automation. The new filters can be used on the Metrics page as shown below:

Screen Shot 2022-05-10 at 12.57.07 AM.png

Select the flow and email that you want to generate the metrics of, and set the third filter to either Today or Yesterday to use the new filters.

In addition to this, we also put into action some bug fixes to get Encharge more reliable.

Bug fixes

🔧 Fix: The liquid “titlecase” filter is broken when handling strings ending with space.

🔧 Fix “mixed content” warning on unsubscribe pages on some browsers

🔧 Forward tracked reply to the “reply to” address

When "Track replies" is enabled, Encharge inserts a unique custom generated email address that is used to track responses from your contacts. Prior to having this update, responses were forwarded to the email sender address (the “from-to” address), even if you added a different email address on the “reply to” field. With this fix, responses are now forwarded to your “reply to” address if one is available on the email builder.

🔧 Fix rare case condition that enabled a person to receive an email twice if they entered the flow multiple times at once

People will now receive your email only once if they enter a flow multiple times which will avoid unnecessarily sending the same email.

That's it for this week, Enchargians. More exciting news and useful updates to come! 😃

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We are back! March updates
April 6, 2022
New Feature
Bug Fix

Hello, fellow Encharge friends!

You haven't heard from us in a while. Our last update was in December last, and a few of you already asked what's going on with Encharge.

Without sugarcoating it, we'd share with you that in the last 3 months, we've been dealing with a ton of scalability-related issues. We were trying to make the app more reliable to handle the increasing number of users and email volume on the platform. Our development team was working day and night to fix issues related to flow delays and overall infrastructure reliability.

We haven't done a great job of communicating this with you, and we apologize for this.

That said, I'm glad to let you know that in the last few months we managed to make the app much more reliable and faster by optimizing different aspects of the product. Now we are back on track, building new features at full speed.

 In that period, we also managed to roll out several app improvements, bug fixes, and even officially launched our AI Magic Writer and AI Email Autocomplete.

I’ll use this announcement as an opportunity to list the various updates we released in the last 3 months. This is a long update, so make sure to pour yourself a cup of tea. Let’s start with the new additions.

New Features

⚡️ Magic Writer

The Magic Writer is our new AI-assisted email writing tool. It allows you to generate subject lines, email outlines, whole emails, and even rewrite existing subject lines. All that using AI. 

It’s based on the same technology as our free AI-based subject line generator. However, while the free generator has a limit on the number of results you can get, our Magic Writer allows you to generate an unlimited number of AI ideas.

You can access the Magic Writer both in the Simple and the Drag-and-drop email builders. To access the Magic Writer in the Simple Email builder, select a text and then click on Magic Writer. In the Drag-and-drop builder, click on the Magic Writer button at the top right:

Then select the type of results you want to generate:

And see the AI does its magic:

You can even choose the tone of the results like Casual, Critical, Earnest, Inspirational, and so on. Go to your Encharge account and give it a go now.

⚡️ AI Autocomplete

The AI Autocomplete is the second AI feature we launched. To access it, go to the Simple Builder and select one or more sentences. Note that currently this feature only works in the Simple Builder:

This feature uses AI to:

  • Autocomplete your email text - this feature will autocomplete your sentence.

  • Improve it - Rewrite one or more sentences.

  • Or expand it - Expands sentences or whole paragraphs with more text.


✨ Greatly improve reliability when building large segments 

Building segments with a large number of people is now quicker and more reliable.

✨ Rebuild UI for bulk actions on the "People" page

We re-designed the UI of bulk actions — Tag All, Archive All, Export All. Now the interface opens up in a pop-up and it’s less likely to mass tag or archive people by mistake.

✨ "Email Activity" trigger step: allow checking if the clicked link in email "contains", "does not contain", "starts with", "ends with" specific text

We added additional parameters for the clicked option in the Email Activity trigger step.

✨ Show soft bounces in the dashboard and Person activity

Apart from hard bounces, you can now see when a Soft bounce occurs in the activity feed.

✨ Show bounce reason in dashboard and Person activity

You can now see the reason for a bounce in the activity feed. You can see this for the email-related activity where the email was not delivered. For example:

✨  Improve reliability for complex "Check Field" steps involving events

We had some reliability and delay issues with Check Field filter steps using Event conditions. Now, this has been fixed.

✨ Greatly optimize flow steps execution time

✨ Prevent phishing attacks by registering similar emails with + sign

✨ Greatly increase the reliability of Transactional email sending

✨ Greatly optimize loading speed when a large number of emails are shown on "Emails" page

✨ Allow mapping to UTM person fields

Before this improvement, it was not possible to map UTM fields. Now you can map UTM fields when importing contacts or in integrations.

Properly notify paused trial accounts or AppSumo accounts that are warming up

We’ve added in-app notifications and email notifications that notify trial accounts that are paused for manual review (when they are sending their first emails), as well as notifications for AppSumo accounts which are currently warming up (again, when they are starting with their email sending). This should minimize confusion for new accounts that just start email sending and get paused.

✨  Encharge Site Tracking: Support identifying user by URL query parameter “enchmailplain”. E.g. ?enchmailplain=someone@example.com

You can now identify users by a query parameter in the URL using ?encmailplain. Note that you need to have site tracking installed on your website.

✨  Enable CORS for Ingest API

Bug fixes

🔧  Fix errors when importing CSV files with a large number of columns

🔧 Fix for "Entered Segment" step occasionally failing when a large number of contacts enter at once

🔧 Fix for: IP not populating for site tracking events

🔧 Ignore anonymous people in "Entered/Left segment" steps when anonymous users are hidden in the account.

If you hide anonymous people (contacts) in your account, they will be ignored for Entered Segment and Left Segment trigger steps.

🔧  Fix for Zap not firing on some unsubscribes

🔧 Merging users: Fix merging unarchived with unarchived user sometimes produces an unarchived user

🔧  Merging users: Fix for empty properties sometimes overwriting properties with data when merging

🔧  Fix for some columns not appearing in People table

🔧  Fix for unsubscribe page preview not showing if a team member doesn’t exist in the account (i.e., is not a contact in the account)

🔧  Email verification: Properly detect disposable emails

Our automated email verification now detects disposable emails and marks them as invalid.

🔧   Fix email sending sometimes fails if the email wasn't sent on the first try

🔧   Fix for editing Person when there are fields without a name

Improvements and Fixes in Enchage integrations


🔧  Prevent timeouts with batch updates from Salesforce


✨  Update CRM scopes to comply with changing Hubspot API


🔧  Fix for not all Facebook audiences being pulled

✨  Update to the latest Facebook API version


🔧  Fix for Slack channels not selectable in workspaces with lots of Slack channels

🔧  Fix for error when posting to Slack with UTF characters


✨ Support Chargebee Product Catalog v2


🔧  Fix for edge-case where users coming through Segment will not be properly mapped to people in Encharge


✨ Support payments by Stripe Checkout and Payment Links - now the New Stripe Payment trigger step supports payments made in Stripe Checkout and Payment Links.


🔧  Fix an issue where an incomplete address would lead to people not being created in Mailchimp


🔧  Fix errors when there are no people in a Calendly meeting


🔧  Prevent error when anonymous people enter the "Send SMS" step.

That was a loong update, but much needed. If you have any questions or suggestions about these changes please don't hesitate to email us at support@encharge.io

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Improved Unsubscription process and translated Communication Preferences
December 9, 2021
New Feature

Important: Please read this update, as it will impact how your email looks and how you communicate with your subscribers.

We just launched an improved unsubscription process, as well as the feature to translate your Communication Preferences page and any other unsubscription pages.

We had several users sharing that the confirmation process for email unsubscription is unclear, leading to some subscribers reporting emails as spam (instead of unsubscribing).

To improve that, we have updated the whole unsubscription process.

We have rolled out 3 unsubscription merge tags:

  • Unsubscribe from category - the subscriber will be able to unsubscribe from a specific email category only. The merge tag to use in emails is: {{person.unsubscribeLink}}

  • Unsubscribe from all emails - the subscriber can directly unsubscribe from all emails from your company (except transactional emails). The merge tag is: {{person.unsubscribeAllLink}}

  • Manage communication preferences - This leads to the current Communication Preferences page, where the subscriber can choose which email categories to unsubscribe from. The merge tag is: {{person.managePreferencesLink}}

Note that you can also use the URL version of the merge tags if you want to populate the URL only (without text). For example, if you want to use custom text. For example: {{person.unsubscribeAllURL}}

When a person clicks to unsubscribe from a category or all emails, they will be taken to a confirmation page like the one below (see screenshot). This is instead of taking them to the Communication Preferences page like we were doing before this update.


What does that mean for you, and what will change in your emails?

There are 2 important things that will change:

First, if you are using the person.unsubscribeLink merge tag, the text of that link will change from "Unsubscribe" to "Unsubscribe from email category name" — for example, "Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails".

This link will take the user to the unsubscription confirmation page for the specific email category instead of the Communication Preferences. Note that they can still unsubscribe from all emails on that page (see screenshot above).

If you are using the person.unsubscribeURL with custom unsubscribe text no changes will be made to your custom text. However, instead of going to the Communication Preferences, this URL will take the subscriber to the unsubscription confirmation page for the specific category.

The second important thing is that we now use your company logo and company name across the unsubscription confirmation and the Communication Preferences pages. Please make sure to set a proper logo and company name from your account settings page, if you haven't done so yet.

We hope this update will make unsubscription clearer for your audience and reduce spam reports.

Translation of unsubscription process and Communication Preferences Page

The second big update is the new feature to translate the Unsubscription Confirmation pages and the Communication Preferences Page.

To do that, go to Settings → Categories → Customize Communication Preferences and Unsubscribe pages.

You will see all of the translatable snippets grouped into pages.

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 9.33.53 AM.png

For example, you can translate the following text: "Confirm unsubscription from {{categoryName}}" by entering the translated text in the input section.

Note that you want to keep unchanged the dynamic merge tag {{categoryName}} (or any other merge tags). This will populate with dynamic information, for example, the name of the category that the person is unsubscribing from.

To preview the translated page, click on the "View page" link.

Linked feedback
Translatable Unsubscribed page
Feature Requests
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Weekly Updates – 11-17 Oct
October 17, 2021
New Feature
Bug Fix

Hope you are doing well, fellow Enchargians. This week have many new things to share — new features, improvements, and bug fixes, so let's dive in!

New features

⚡️ Activity Stream 

This one is for the real data scientists among you. With this advanced API feature you can receive a real-time stream of all events that happen to people in your Encharge account. And by all, we really mean all — everything that we record in our database can be sent to yours — email activity, clicks, web page visits, events, field changes, flow activity, and much more. You can store this activity in your data warehouse for further analytics.

То learn more about it check out the documentation. We haven't launched this feature publicly on our pricing page, but you can take advantage of it today, just reach out to support and ask about the Activity Stream. Note that this feature is offered as an add-on for $99 / month.


✨ Liquid timezone filters 

This feature allows you to set timezones using liquid tags. There are 2 main cases:

 {{“now” | set_timezone: “Europe/Berlin”}}  

Changes the timezone of the time to the specified timezone. For instance, if you use {{person.dateField | set_timezone: “Asia/Jerusalem”}} will keep the same date and time as the "dateField", but treat it as GMT+3.

{{“now” | in_timezone: “Europe/Berlin”}} 

Converts the current time to the specified timezone.

✨ In-app status widget

You can now be notified of interruptions in the Encharge service. You can find the app status widget in your account menu above your name:

Screenshot 2021-10-17 at 12.19.04 PM.png

✨ Searchable segment picker

You can now search segments when using flow steps like Entered Segment or Left Segment. Instead of the old-school hard to use dropdown, you can now just enter the name of the segment and select it. Small but handy improvement.

Bug fixes

🔧 Fix link tracking on buttons in Outlook — we had issues with link tracking in the Outlook email client. This has now been resolved.

🔧 Can’t tag people in Search — you can now tag people while you are searching for people.

🔧 Can’t track the same form on different pages — the issue with tracking the same form across different pages on your website has been fixed.

🔧 Trim custom fields value if it is too large — don't go too crazy with the length of your custom fields. Or actually do if you want to, it's up to you. We are now taking care of long field names and trimming them. The maximum length of custom fields is currently a subject to change.

🔧 Handle currency in number fields — we now support currency formatting like "$9520" and "1.00".

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Weekly Updates – 27-03 Oct
October 2, 2021

Pretty busy at Encharge HQ, as we managed to roll out some important fixes and improvements.


✨ Support for hidden fields for Typeform — you can now map hidden Typeform fields to Encharge custom fields. A small but critical improvement for the Typeform integration.

✨ Duplicate segments and folders — have you ever created a complex segment just to find out you have to do it again? I know I have. With this feature, you can now duplicate segments and folders in Encharge with just a single click. Simply click on the 3 dots next to the segment (or folder) and duplicate it:

Screenshot 2021-10-02 at 10.31.17 PM.png

Bug fixes

🔧 Better support for tracked forms with variable number of fields

🔧 Mailto links in emails are not working

🔧 Transactional API - use explicitly provided subject 

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Weekly Updates - 06-12 Sep
September 14, 2021

Hey everyone, 

Hope you are doing great and enjoying the last days of good weather (at least here in Europe).

You know what time it is – time for our weekly product updates.


✨ Display soft bounces in email metrics – up until now we've been showing Soft bounces as a part of the hard bounces. But they are quite different. You can now see a separate metric for your soft bounces. To learn what's the difference between soft bounces and hard bounces make sure to check this help article.

✨ Allow fractional days/hours (e.g 1.5 hours) in Date Field trigger – you asked and we delivered. You can now specify fractional days and hours in the Date Field trigger step.

Bug fixes

🔧 Show in-app warning if email sending is paused for an account – we now warn you inside the app that your email sending is paused. This usually means that a member of our Account Reviews team will reach out to you soon with more information about the email pausing.

🔧 Segments based on email categories not working for people without preferences – Fixed.

🔧 While editing flow, the message ”Your changes have not been saved, leave anyway" shows incorrectly – Fixed, and you should not see this message anymore.

🔧 Duplicating broadcast doesn't reset “Send in contacts’ timezones” – We had issues related to duplicating a broadcast that was using the "Send in contacts' timezone" feature. This was fixed now.

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Date Field Trigger is here!
September 3, 2021
New Feature

It's here, up and running. One of the most requested features in Encharge. The Date Field Trigger and its brother the Birthday/Annual Trigger.

Screenshot 2021-09-03 at 12.51.25 PM.pngfile-pzWPYY8zM9.png

You can now start a Flow based on any date field recorded for a person.

Some of the most common use cases include:

  • Birthdays and name days

  • Trial expiration dates

  • Annual renewal notices for insurances

  • Call reminders, and others. 

The step works with time as well, so you can use it to send reminders before sales calls and others.

The "Birthday/Annual" trigger allows you to trigger a Flow on a recurring basis, every 12 months. As the name suggests, great for sending birthday cards and gifts.

We are super excited to see what you do with these two new triggers!

If you want to learn more about them head out to our knowledge base section:

Linked feedback
Date-field trigger
Feature Requests
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Weekly Updates - 23-29 Aug
September 1, 2021

Hey Encharge fans,

We are approaching the end of the summer here in Europe, as we close August with this weekly update. There's plenty of news so grab your smoothie (or coffee) and sit comfy.

New Features

⚡️ "Date Field Trigger" and "Birthday/Annual Trigger" – one of the most requested Encharge features is here! You can now add people to a Flow based on a person's date field. The "Birthday/Annual Trigger" allows you to trigger the flow every year. We're going to dive into more detail in the following update.


✨ Option to hide anonymous people – due to a popular demand you can now hide anonymous people under the people section. Click on the filter icon on the right, then select "Hide anonymous people"

Image 2021-09-01 at 10.59.12 AM.jpg

✨ Better date-time picker – we added a new, better looking, and easier to use date picker.

✨ Handle StealthSeminar webhooks – we now support webhooks from StealthSeminar

✨ Handle Sitejet webhooks – also, webhooks from Sitejet

Bug Fixes

🔧 Create segments based on subscription communication preferences.

We fixed the issue with creating segments from subscription categories.

When you create a new segment, select the Field condition. In the fields list, you will see the names of your categories. Select the category name you'd like to create a segment with, then choose the subscription status from the dropdown.

  • Opted in - when a person has explicitly opted in for the category

  • Opted out - When the person has opted out for the category

  • Not opted in or out - Unspecified status


🔧 Categories overlapping email subject on mobiles – fixed. 

🔧 Unchanged email shows unsaved warning – fixed. 

🔧 Changes in date fields not showing in user activity – fixed.

🔧 Email metrics not filtered by flow/email – fixed.

🔧 Step metrics not working in some circumstances – fixed.

🔧 Prevent errors if data in field mapped to "Tags" is not text – fixed

🔧 Don't save clicks on unsubscribe center – previously when a person clicks a link for the subscription preferences we were counting it as clicks. Now we don't.

🔧 New Broadcast is not created in the current folder – fixed. When you are active under a folder and create a new broadcast, it will be saved in the folder.

🔧 Prevent errors if there are no traits when creating empty user

🔧 Disallow commas from tags – we now do not allow using commas in tag names.

🔧 Don't show "Trial Ends" triggers for unconnected services. We were showing "Trial Ends" steps for services like Chargebee, Paddle, etc. even when they were not connected and the option to hide unconnected services was turned on. This has been fixed.

🔧 Don't count archived users in Tag counts

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