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Event Management
July 31, 2023
New Feature

We just launched a new feature that would help SaaS businesses create behavior emails much easier than before. Event Management allows you to track, create, and edit the actions that happen in your product. Event Management displays all of the events that have been received in your Encharge account.

Ever since the inception of Encharge, our primary goal has been to simplify behavior emails for SaaS companies. This aspect stands as one of the most intricate challenges in the marketing space, demanding big assistance from developers and technical expertise that often exceeds the usual strengths of marketers.

Event Management aims to help you solve this issue by providing you with a way to see all of the events in your app, edit and share them with developers.


With Event Management, you can now visualize and organize all of the events that happen in your product, including Ingest API, JavaScript,, and Stripe events (like subscription created, cancelled, trial started, etc.) You can test and see how many times a specific event has been performed, as well as easily work with your developers to implement the right events needed for your behavior emails.

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Learn more about Event Management and read the help docs.

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