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Field Changed trigger and option to select report time period in Send Email step
September 18, 2023

Here's another September update coming up for you.

New trigger - FIeld changed

This trigger allows you to add a person to a flow when a specific field's value changes to any different value.

Choose a specific field. When the field is updated to a value different than the current, the person will be added to the flow. For example, if the Country field is changed from "US" to "UK", the person will trigger this step.

Then, connect the trigger step to an action step.

To learn how to trigger a flow when a field changes to a specific value, check out our help doc.

Select a time period in the Send Email report tab

You can now select a specific time period in the Send Email report tab: Last 30 days, last week, last month, all time, etc. That way, you can better grasp how well an email is performing straight from the flow page:

Screenshot 2023-09-18 at 5.14.43 PM.png

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