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Improved Unsubscription process and translated Communication Preferences
December 9, 2021
New Feature

Important: Please read this update, as it will impact how your email looks and how you communicate with your subscribers.

We just launched an improved unsubscription process, as well as the feature to translate your Communication Preferences page and any other unsubscription pages.

We had several users sharing that the confirmation process for email unsubscription is unclear, leading to some subscribers reporting emails as spam (instead of unsubscribing).

To improve that, we have updated the whole unsubscription process.

We have rolled out 3 unsubscription merge tags:

  • Unsubscribe from category - the subscriber will be able to unsubscribe from a specific email category only. The merge tag to use in emails is: {{person.unsubscribeLink}}

  • Unsubscribe from all emails - the subscriber can directly unsubscribe from all emails from your company (except transactional emails). The merge tag is: {{person.unsubscribeAllLink}}

  • Manage communication preferences - This leads to the current Communication Preferences page, where the subscriber can choose which email categories to unsubscribe from. The merge tag is: {{person.managePreferencesLink}}

Note that you can also use the URL version of the merge tags if you want to populate the URL only (without text). For example, if you want to use custom text. For example: {{person.unsubscribeAllURL}}

When a person clicks to unsubscribe from a category or all emails, they will be taken to a confirmation page like the one below (see screenshot). This is instead of taking them to the Communication Preferences page like we were doing before this update.


What does that mean for you, and what will change in your emails?

There are 2 important things that will change:

First, if you are using the person.unsubscribeLink merge tag, the text of that link will change from "Unsubscribe" to "Unsubscribe from email category name" — for example, "Unsubscribe from Marketing Emails".

This link will take the user to the unsubscription confirmation page for the specific email category instead of the Communication Preferences. Note that they can still unsubscribe from all emails on that page (see screenshot above).

If you are using the person.unsubscribeURL with custom unsubscribe text no changes will be made to your custom text. However, instead of going to the Communication Preferences, this URL will take the subscriber to the unsubscription confirmation page for the specific category.

The second important thing is that we now use your company logo and company name across the unsubscription confirmation and the Communication Preferences pages. Please make sure to set a proper logo and company name from your account settings page, if you haven't done so yet.

We hope this update will make unsubscription clearer for your audience and reduce spam reports.

Translation of unsubscription process and Communication Preferences Page

The second big update is the new feature to translate the Unsubscription Confirmation pages and the Communication Preferences Page.

To do that, go to Settings → Categories → Customize Communication Preferences and Unsubscribe pages.

You will see all of the translatable snippets grouped into pages.

Screenshot 2021-12-09 at 9.33.53 AM.png

For example, you can translate the following text: "Confirm unsubscription from {{categoryName}}" by entering the translated text in the input section.

Note that you want to keep unchanged the dynamic merge tag {{categoryName}} (or any other merge tags). This will populate with dynamic information, for example, the name of the category that the person is unsubscribing from.

To preview the translated page, click on the "View page" link.

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