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We launched Native Forms (beta)!
January 31, 2023
New Feature

We just rolled out a long-waited feature - native forms. You can finally turn website traffic into valuable leads with Encharge forms and avoid using a 3rd-party form tool. With native forms you can provide relevant lead magnets. Automate the whole customer journey across email and other channels for the people that submit forms.


Things you can do with forms:

  • Embed the form on your website or use our public link

  • Add a tag when a person submits a form

  • Style your form with custom CSS

  • Notify team members with an internal email

  • Notify the contact with a confirmation email

  • View form submissions

You can view the the official feature page or read the help documentation.

Note that the feature is still in early Beta, and some other features are still missing, also, please test your forms before launching them publicly. We are currently working on a Native Form Submitted trigger to allow you to use the forms easily in flows, but in the meantime, you can use Tags

If you are experiencing any bugs or have any questions on how to use forms, please email us at

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