Expand Thrivecart integration to allow more than 1 key (or "inherit" from main)

Expand the current ThriveCart integration (that currently only allows for 1 key = one Encharge account OR subaccount) to:

The choice of toggle on/off to allow the subaccounts on Encharge to “inherit” the key from the main account (as one can only set up 1 Encharge integration inside ThriveCart).


The one integration should allow to input more than one key and the ability to then the ability map it to the respective subaccounts and/or email lists.
Even better if this happened already on the product side inside ThriveCart.
(Just like Active Campaign allows choosing which list the product itself should be mapped to - and also has the ability to create tags straight from the product creation side in ThriveCart).

Please expand the current integration to allow more than one Encharge account.

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