Integration with WordPress for Automated Blog Post Email Distribution
Artur Gilbert

Dear Encharge Development Team,

As an active user of your service and Agency Owner, I have identified an opportunity to enhance the functionality of Encharge through the development of a new feature: a WordPress integration that automates the distribution of blog posts via email.

This proposed feature would require the addition of a configurable widget within the Encharge email builder. The widget would be designed to authenticate with a specified WordPress instance and retrieve the most recent blog posts. These posts could then be incorporated directly into an email campaign, providing a seamless way to update subscribers with the latest content.

From a technical standpoint, the widget would need to:

  1. Allow users to input their WordPress instance's details for authentication (API key, URL, etc.).
  2. Retrieve the most recent blog posts from the authenticated WordPress instance.
  3. Include an interface within the email builder to customize the display of these blog posts in the email body (e.g., formatting, number of posts to include, etc.).

The implementation of this feature could significantly streamline the process of blog content distribution for Encharge users, eliminating the need for manual content updates in email campaigns. This would be particularly valuable for users who maintain active WordPress blogs alongside their email marketing initiatives.

I believe this integration would be a valuable addition to Encharge, potentially attracting new users seeking a comprehensive solution for their email marketing and blog content distribution needs.

I appreciate your consideration of this feature request and look forward to potential updates in line with this proposal.

Best regards,


Artur Gilbert
Jun 10, 2023

The benefits:

  1. Streamlined Content Sharing: The WordPress integration would automate the process of sharing blog content with email subscribers, eliminating the need to manually copy and paste or recreate blog content in email campaigns. This saves users a significant amount of time.

  2. Leveraging Encharge's Flow Builder: With this integration, users would be able to use the powerful automation capabilities of Encharge's Flow Builder in conjunction with their WordPress blog. For example, users could set up flows that automatically send an email campaign whenever a new blog post is published.

  3. Consistent Updates: With automated retrieval of the latest blog posts, your email subscribers would always have the most recent content. This ensures that your audience stays updated, enhancing their engagement with your content and brand.

  4. Increased Efficiency: By automating the inclusion of blog posts into emails, this feature would make your content distribution process more efficient. You could focus more on creating content and less on the logistics of distribution.

  5. Advanced Tracking: The proposed integration would allow users to apply Encharge's tracking capabilities to their blog content. This means you would be able to monitor and analyze how your subscribers interact with your blog content directly from Encharge, gaining valuable insights to improve your content strategy.

  6. Customization: The feature would provide customization options for displaying blog posts in emails. This means you could tailor the presentation of your content to best suit your brand and audience's preferences.

  7. Broadened Appeal: For new or potential users of Encharge who also operate WordPress blogs, this feature could make Encharge a more attractive and comprehensive tool for their email marketing needs.

  8. Reduced Errors: Manual copying and pasting of blog content into emails can sometimes lead to errors or inconsistencies. With automated fetching and inclusion of blog posts, the risk of such errors would be significantly reduced.

  9. Unified Tools: Instead of using multiple tools for different tasks, this feature would allow you to manage your blog content distribution through a single platform, simplifying your workflow.

  10. Enhanced Subscriber Experience: By consistently providing your subscribers with the latest content directly to their inboxes, you can enhance their experience and engagement with your brand.

Overall, this proposed WordPress integration for Encharge would bring powerful benefits to the community by enhancing content distribution, streamlining workflows, and offering advanced tracking and automation capabilities.