Let Site Tracking ignore email changes when forms are submitted
Thomas K

While site tracking is a useful tool it currently creates significant problems where someone shares a newsletter they received with someone else (e.g. a friend, co-worker, etc) and that person completes a form with their email address.

Currently this changes the email address in the Encharge profile of the person who shared the newsletter. The end result is that I end up with several users that are linked to the same Encharge profile.

I anyway add new signups and profile changes via the backend, so there's no need to update or create Encharge profiles based on email addresses spotted by the Site Tracking script.

In any case it would be great with an option to disable this behavior—if not with new signups, then at least not update an existing profile with a new email address or name spotted via Site Tracking.

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Thomas K
May 9, 2023

Just to add an example to make the issue clearer:

  1. A person called Mark (mark@email.com) receives a newsletter A.
  2. Mark forwards the newsletter to his coworker Jeff (jeff@email.com)
  3. Jeff clicks a link to my site from the newsletter A. Since Site Tracking is enabled, an Encharge cookie is placed in Jeff's browser linking his session to Mark's Encharge profile.
  4. Jeff likes what he sees and clicks the signup button on my site, taking him to a form where he enters his email address (jeff@email.com).
  5. The Encharge Site Tracking now updates Mark's Encharge profile to Jeff's email, so the profile now contains: Name: Mark, Email: jeff@email.com.
  6. The next time a newsletter that was intended for Mark gets sent it arrives in Jeff's inbox, but the email starts with "Hi Mark" due to the use of personalization merge tags. Mark won't receive any further emails.

An additional wrinkle in my case since I add or update people in Encharge when they complete the signup process to my site (which requires confirming their email address directly with the site, not via Encharge):

  1. Once Jeff has completed his signup on the site, my code checks Encharge for any matching profiles (based on his email address). Since Mark's profile now contains Jeff's email, it matches. Both Jeff and Mark's accounts on my site are now linked to Mark's Encharge profile (with the Encharge UID stored in their account to make sure future updates affect the correct Encharge account).
  2. Since my users can update their profile information and newsletter preferences directly on the site, if Mark now updates his preferences the site will push this information to Encharge and he will "take over" his Encharge profile again, meaning now Jeff won't receive any emails. If Jeff updates his profile or preferences on the site, he'll take over Mark's Encharge profile and Mark once again won't receive any emails.

Perhaps this is a niche issue, however in my case this affected about 1.5%-2% of users, which I think is quite a significant problem...