Polls or add Tag to button INSIDE emails - NO redirect

It would be amazing if we could add tags to buttons INSIDE the email, in order to segment / poll the audience...
WITHOUT having to send them to a webpage and fill out a form, where they also have to add their email again.

I really want to make it easy for my audience to answer.

Currently, there are only buttons that will direct them to an encharge webpage if not filled out with a URL.

I'd love to NOT send them anywhere, but the system simply registers which buttons they pressed.
And which then automatically adds the tag or merge tag I created and added to that specific button.

AND / OR....

The option of adding a form INSIDE the email which allows them to tick boxes (again, for poll / segmentation purposes).
And which, when "send" is pressed, automatically adds the specific tag(s) from those boxes to that contacts tags.

Again, WITHOUT them having to or go to an external page and also fill out their email.

Sep 22, 2023

I know that buttons (image/graphic) inside an email that when clicked/“pressed” do not work inside all email readers, so this is a problem.

All that is needed is when an image/graphic/link that is clicked, Encharge is able to trigger whatever (add a tag/remove a tag/set variable to X) on the back end as well as send subscriber data, Name, Email address (to the visiting URL). This allows you to say thank you, or thank you Bob, etc. as well as having some data, merge tag, tag added/updated in the Encharge backend.